May 14


Today’s task

Your 10 year old Welsh pony Maisie lives in the stable through the night and is in the field during the day. She is in light work and a little bit underweight. You have some choices to make about how to get her into tip top condition but we need some more information before we begin.

The difference between a stabled pony and pony on grass.

Both stabled ponies and ponies living at grass need to be cared for in different ways – we need to consider different types of care, feeding and work routines for both. Do you know the difference between stabled and at grass ponies?

Stabled Horses

We live in a stable part of the time, usually overnight, all year round or just in the summer. We rely on human help for feeding while we are in our stables.

At Grass

We live out in the field all year round. We are able to feed ourselves with grass, but we may need a little human help sometimes.

Whether your pony is stabled or at grass there are 10 rules for feeding.

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