May 29

When to Feed and Water

10 Golden Rules for Feeding and Watering

Rule 1 – Water

Explore the picture below with your mouse to find out more about these horses and what they need to drink. How much water should a horse have every day?

Watering Horses
Provide clean fresh water ALL THE TIME 5 litres 25 litres 50 Litres This is Thor This is Marvel This is Jazz Best Friends

Provide clean fresh water ALL THE TIME

Field troughs and water buckets are great but make sure they are always full. Automatic water troughs are great ways to provide this! 

5 litres

5  litres is not enough water for a 500kg horse! Try again.

25 litres

25 litres should be enough water for a 500kg horse. But remember your horse may need more depending on the weather and exercise. Keep that water trough full!

50 Litres

50 litres is a LOT of water! But your horse should have free access to a cooling drink any time they need one.

This is Thor

This gentle giant is waiting patiently for his drink. Thor has been rested for a few months due to a leg abscess, he may not need so much food and drink until he goes back to work.

This is Marvel

A cheeky youngster still knows how to wait his turn! He is small and doesn’t get much work yet, but he is active and still; growing. Monitor his food and water intake closely to make sure he is getting the correct amount.

This is Jazz

Jazz is a large horse who get’s a lot of work. He may need more water and food than others.

Best Friends

A long cool drink shared with friends on a beautiful warm day.

Rules 2, 3, 4 and 5 are hiding in this picture.

Explore this picture of horses waiting patiently for some top up feed while the spring grass begins to grow. When should you feed your horse?

When to Feed
Rule 2 - Feed little and often Rule 3 - Feed at the same time every day Rule 4 - Make changes slowly Rule 5 - Feeding after exercise

Rule 2 – Feed little and often

Do not be fooled by Percy when he tells you he absolutely NEEDS more dinner! Horses are natural trickle feeders with a tiny stomach that works best when they are around 2/3rds full. Horses should not be fed more than 2kg per meal

Rule 3 – Feed at the same time every day

You think it’s just pony love that brings them to the field gate when they hear you coming? Don’t be so sure!  Horses are creatures of habit and love routine – this one is more to keep your pony happy.


Rule 4 – Make changes slowly

Little microbes in your horse’s stomach need time to adjust to changes in feed. If they don’t get this time to adjust, they get a little unhappy and can cause problems – watch out when that tail lifts!

Rule 5 – Feeding after exercise

If you have just fed your horse cereal based feeds, you should wait a while before you exercise or ride her. But if you are feeding fibre (such as hay) you can ride almost straight away. This is because fibre is GOOD for the stomach!

Now let’s find out how much to feed.
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