May 30

Feeding and Watering Stabled Ponies and Ponies at Grass

Are you ready?

Fill in your details below and take the quiz to see how much you have remembered. Your final question will ask you what you are going to feed your Welsh pony.

1. Do ponies on grass need help with water and feed?
2. Should stabled ponies eat grass when out in the field?
3. When your pony is in the field, what is the best way to make sure they have water?
4. How big is a horse's stomach?
5. Why do we weigh feed?
6. Why should we make changes to a horse's feeding regime slowly?
7. Why should you feed your pony at the same time every day?
8. When feeding cereal based feeds should you wait after feeding before you exercise your pony?
9. If you are feeding your horse hay or other fibre foods so you need to wait after feeding before you can exercise?
10. What is the most essential feed for maintaining good digestive health?
11. Should you feed your pony the same amount every day?
12. Which feed is rich in carbohydrates, protein and is good for horses who are in heavy work or who are underweight?
13. What is another name for single types of feed like cereals such as oats, barley and bran. These types of feed are normally a super source of energy and should be fed along with other feeds. Great if your pony is in heavier work.
14. What feed is chopped up forage (hay, straw, grass), and sometimes has molasses added.
15. What feed is a super source of fibre for horses, and is often used to bulk up feed to encourage horses to chew?
16. What can you give to help your horse gain muscle instead of fat! These can come in cubes or coarse mixes.
17. What high in nutrients, low calorie feed can benefit a horse in little or no work?
18. What is forage?
19. Which feed is likely to come in either cubes and coarse mix?
20. Your 10 year old Welsh pony lives in the stable through the night, and is in the field through the day. She is in light work, and is a little bit underweight. Which of these 3 choices would you feed him based on what you have learned