May 29

How much to feed

The other five rules

Now we now when to water and feed our horse, we need to think about what to feed and how much.

Rule 6 -Feed according to body weight

Nutrient requirements are calculated by bodyweight – this is why your feed should be based on this too! You can find out your horses bodyweight by using a weight tape or a weighbridge

We all love a portly pony, but …………

Rule 7 – Always weigh feeds

Horses should be fed by weight and not volume – remember not all feeds weigh the same!

we can all have too much of a good thing!

Rule 8 Feed according to work

Watch This Esme run through the 10 golden rules for feeding and watch out for rule 8 – feed according to work.

Which leaves 2 more rules – did you spot them in the video? The last two rules begin to tell us about the TYPE of food.

Rule 9 Quality feed

Rule 10 – Fibre

Let’s take a closer look at different types of food.
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