May 30

Types of feed

Remember Maisie, our Welshie who needs feeding up a bit?.

Your 10 year old Welsh pony Maisie lives in the stable through the night and is in the field during the day. She is in light work and a little bit underweight. You have some choices to make about how to get her into tip top condition but we need some more information before we begin.

In a moment you will take a quiz and decide on when and what to feed Maisie to help her to better condition. Before we do that you will need a bit more information about some of the types of feed available.

Types of feed
Forrage Beet Chaff Straights Grass! Cubes and coarse mix Balancer Conditioning feed


This is natural fibres such as grass in the field! This can also be cut, dried and turned into hay or haylage which horse and ponies love to eat!


This can be fed wet or dry – but lots of modern ones like Sugarbeet and Speedibeet need to be soaked before feeding – so always check! Beet is rich in carbohydrates, protein and is good for horses who are in heavy work or who are underweight.


Chaff is pretty much chopped up forage (hay, straw, grass), and sometimes has molasses added. It’s a super source of fibre for horses, and is often used to bulk up feed to encourage horses to chew! This would be included in the forage part of your horses diet.


Just another name for single types of feed like cereals such as oats, barley and bran. These types of feed are normally a super source of energy and should be fed along with other feeds. Great if your pony is in heavier work.


mmmmmmm! My absolute favourite!

Cubes and coarse mix

Cubes mean that the ingredients have been squashed down into a pellet shape. A coarse mix can be all the same ingredients, but they are loose instead of being squashed. Conditioning feed is likely to come in either of these ways, and is useful go our pony could do with putting ON some weight.


These are high in nutrients, and are low calorie to benefit a horse in little or no work. They normally need to be given in smaller quantities than other feeds. Good if your pony is undernourished.

Conditioning feed

This is given to help your horse gain weight – but in muscle instead of fat! These can come in cubes or coarse mixes.

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