June 1

Thor and the farrier

Before we get to the big decision about Thor’s new shoes the farrier asks if you will help with the shoeing process by handing her the tools she needs when she asks for them.

This means we need a quick look at the tools and what they are called so we get it right.

Farrier’s Tools
Rasp handle Double edged hoof knife Rasp Nippers Clinchers Hammer

Rasp handle

This is a handle for the rasp. The rasp wears down over time and can be replaced but the farrier can keep using the same, comfortable, handle.

Double edged hoof knife

A specialised knife to cut off excess sole and frog growth. These are very sharp and dangerous, and can cause serious injury to both the farrier and the horse if they are not used properly.


This  is like a nail file for horses. It helps to keep the hoof even and level. It can also rasp down nails to make sure they aren’t sharp.


These are used to cut the hoof wall to the correct length and help bevel the hoof wall to reduce the amount of rasping.


These are used to fold the nail to make sure the shoe stays on the hoof – this is one of the final steps of shoeing a horse.


This is NOT to be used for bashing young stable hands when they hand the farrier the wrong tool by mistake!

OK then – now we’re ready to take the HOOF CARE test. OFF YOU GO!

What is this tool used for?
What are these used for?
What is this tool used for?
What are these used for?
Thor needs extra support for the frog and healbars. Are heartbar shoes suitable?